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Dynamica Retail Brand Image

Dynamica Retail Brand Image

The most significant element of this restyling project is the introduction of the testimonial Cupido: a love facilitator. The one that makes any dream, any project come true. Dynamica, a company specialized in salary-backed loans, like Cupido, makes your dream come true.
Tone of voice inspires “trust” and “support”. The mood of the communication evokes positive feelings: desire, elation, wellbeing, dream. Dynamica Retail, as Cupido, is the ambassador the makes your projects real. The payoff “FINANZIAMOCI!” (a promise of a fast financing by the Dynamica), in Italian, sounds similar to “FIDANZIAMOCI”, a betrothal promise that prelude to commit in marriage. “Be free to fall in love with your dreams, we have got what you need to make them come true!”
The new brand image project, applied to all other BTL materials, has been implemented for the main company and the local agencies.