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Web Agency FAQ

Perché devo rivolgermi a un'agenzia web?

You don’t have to but You’d better If you are a business, if you want to sell a product or a service online, you would better reach out to a web agency to plan a proper strategy. The Web gives you plenty of opportunity and almost anyone is now using the Internet to find what they need. We believe you want to be found. You can try to do it by yourself or you can reach out to a web agency to take care of your business and your online image.

Quanto costa un sito web?

It depends. The price of a single-page website is different from a brochure site or an e-commerce website. The price of a website depends on the complexity of its architecture, the number of pages and on other customizatio works.

Perché bisogna fare SEO a un sito web?

Design a website and put it online does not mean it is visible in the web search. The Web draws from an extremely wide range of online resources responding to specific keywords and queries, among which the search engine makes its own choice, showing the results in the SERP. A SEO optimized website makes your web project correspondent with the parameters that suit the search engine algorithms and visible on the organic (not paid) traffic for specific queries. This is possible thanks to the different SEO actions on the site.

Come lavora un'agenzia SEO?

Implement a SEO strategy to position your website on the organic traffic. The traffic targeted by the SEO is qualified traffic, which means it intercepts relevant users for your products and services.

A SEO positioning strategy consists of different phases: competitors analysis, research and optimization of relevant keywords consistent with your business scope, study of the search queries most used by users, competitive rate of keywords, on-site optimization of the website, adaptation of the website content, off-line SEO, monitoring and evaluation of the SEO actions put in place.

Ho una piccola attività: può servirmi una pagina Facebook?

A social media presence can be a good online marketing strategy, in this case we define it properly as social media marketing, as we deal with social networks. A Facebook official page is a good channel to make your business visible and advertise your services, because up to now Facebook is the most popular social network. But, you need also to consider that the effectiveness of your presence on Facebook also depends on other factors, such as the adequacy of your product/service with Facebook targets, the creation of interesting content for the reference target, the engagement level with your audience, the correct approach of paid campaigns.

Voglio aumentare le visite al mio sito: come posso fare?

A web marketing strategy targeted on your objectives. We put it simple: “Make SEO”. There are a number of actions you can take to increase traffic on your website. We choose what is the best strategy for you, based on your business scope, budget and time needed to achieve your objectives.

Ho un sito e sono presente sui social: come mai non ottengo risultati?

Reasons may be different. An answer to this question requires an analysis of your website from the SEO, user experience and content angles; we evaluate whether your presence on the social network is adequate, whether you have a presence in social networks that fit your business scope, and whether you are using them correctly. In either case we can assess the current situation of your online activity, your online marketing plan and your reference market.

Se faccio SEO il mio sito arriva in prima pagina?

We must forget about the myth of the first page. First, when we talk about the first page of the SERP, we are talking about different SERPs, non only one. Besides, SEO actions requires long timeframes, we work on long-term periods, and we cannot expect immediate results. A promise to get you on the “firs page” with a specific keyword is a lie. The SEO work optimizes the website indexing for search engine, working on-page and off-page, creating ad hoc content, following SEO protocols for pages and images, studying keywords and search query. Despite our best efforts, we cannot promise you will surely get you on the “first page”.

È utile fare pubblicità a pagamento sul web?

The first thing we need to evaluate for an online ad, as for any online marketing action, is what your objective and your budget are. A Pay-per-Click campaign can achieve great results, but it will have no effect on the website positioning. Besides, the online ad can get a good performance only for the campaign period if it is not supported by collateral actions.

Meglio utilizzare la pubblicità a pagamento su ADWords o su Facebook ADS?

Depends on your business field. Because of the large amount of data gathered by the social network through the information provided by users, Facebook ADs, generally speaking, is very accurate for target profiling. Besides, its price-per-click is lower than ADWords. Facebook does not fit all businesses or services. Besides, ADWords intercepts the queries of users that are making a proactive search, while Facebook ADs intercepts the possible needs of the users through the data they have released with their search.

Meglio fare pubblicità a pagamento o fare SEO?

These are two different digital strategies. The first can do well for short-period promotions or to make your brand known while your campaign is onair, but it will fade as soon as your campaign ends. SEO works on the optimization of the website, on its content, on high-quality keywords that bring qualified traffic on your site. The objective is to make your website visible to the search engine and to the users in the field generated by the selected keywords consistent with your business scope. This is a long-shot objective. There is no ideal strategy in absolute terms. All depends on your objectives.

Cosa posso ottenere dal marketing on line?

An online marketing plan can support your business in different ways: launch your business on the Web, increase its visibility and make it easier to find on the Web, attract customers to your website or to your social network page, transform visitors into paying customers.

Here a few examples of objectives you can achieve:

  • brand, business, product visibility
  • sales increase
  • clients increase
  • customers loyalty increase
  • contacts increase
Cosa non posso aspettarmi dal web marketing?

Web marketing does not work miracles. A good web marketing plan does not mean that you will win the battle against your competitors or it will make you sell more in no time; this cannot surely happen if the target does not like your product or if you do not listen to your clients, or if your image on the web is not consistent with the one in the real world. A poor budget cannot support big objectives; it will not give any result in the short-period and it will not ensure a good positioning for ever. A web-marketing plan cannot eliminate competition and does not make your product competitive per se.

Quanto budget occorre per fare una strategia di web marketing?

There is no standard formula and there is no standard price. An agency usually asks its clients to define a budget for web marketing strategy in line with the expenditure affordable by the client. Surely, higher investment means more space for planning and better chances to achieve your objectives.


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